Semalt Expert: CloudFlare Botnet

There is a new botnet service which is attacking numerous servers. The new botnet does not have a name but is causing many DDoS attacks. Botnets come from IT specialists who make exploits, malware and viruses to perform malicious activities. The new botnet attack behaves like similar botnets, for example like Mirai botnet. This network of bots has the capability of bringing down several servers at a go. This exploit is one of the toughest Denial of Service attacks. There are emerging issues about the vulnerability of IoT devices to this attack. These gadgets are going to be getting many sales over the Christmas period. Nik Chaykovskiy, the Semalt Senior Customer Success Manager, explains that during this time, hackers can have a chance to deploy numerous botnet attacks to different servers.

On November 23, CloudFlare noticed a typical botnet attack that was peaking at 400Gbps and a small limit of 172Gbps. It took CloudFlare experts nearly 8.5 hours to answer this DDoS attack. The botnet attack took over ten days to deny service of some particular servers. This botnet attack was using some sophisticated encryption which had many different features from Mirai botnet. For instance, it had a large Layer 3 and Layer 4 floods attacking the same TCP protocol. There was an attack in Germany which led to the Denial of Service at Deutsche Telekom customers.

Botnets might affect the gaming world

This Christmas, gamers might experience hack attacks on some of their networks. Some of the Microsoft Xbox consoles have faced such attacks. Even Sony's PlayStation networks have had attacks from botnet machines. Many successful businesses experience immense attacks during the festive season.

Commercial businesses with e-commerce websites can also suffer from botnet attacks. If a site goes down, there can occur many bad progressions on the digital marketing efforts. For instance, the ranking of your website can go down the SERP. In other cases, customers can lose trust to your website, and eventually become clients of your competitors. Some of the counter SEO techniques employ the use of botnet attacks on your competitor site. These black hat techniques help malicious attacks penetrate the systems which are vulnerable to them.


Every e-commerce business needs to be aware of the cyber-attacks which can pose a threat to their users. There is a great need for users to get the best ways to protect their networks from botnet traffic. In the recent past, numerous Denial of Service attacks facing servers succeed. Businesses are getting massive losses from these attacks. There are several networks of Zombie computers attacking networks of computers. CloudFlare experienced an attack which paralyzed tasks in their company. Most businesses are subject to these attacks. You can get new methods of dealing with this kind of an attack in this guideline. It is also important to filter out botnet traffic on your server.

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